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Delaware's Broadband Mapping Project

In mid-December 2009, the state of Delaware was awarded funds to research and publish broadband options for its citizens. Governor Jack Markell designated the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) as the agency to receive, apply and implement the funds, according to the guidelines and mandates of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

In 2010, the broadband mapping portion of this program was initiated by DTI, consisting of data collection, the development of a statewide broadband availability map, transmission of that data to NTIA for the development of its national broadband map, and the long-term maintenance of this data by the state.

What is Broadband, and how can it help me?

Broadband is also known as high speed Internet. Broadband allows you to connect to the World Wide Web with data transfer speeds that are significantly faster than the speeds that dial-up access offers. High quality, reliable broadband gives you access to a wide range of resources, services, and products that can enhance your life and productivity in a variety of ways. For example, broadband lets you quickly download music, games, and movies. It also lets you connect to and use websites that feature interactive content, video streaming, photo storage, and much more.


Delaware Citizens

Image of Delaware CitizensPublic users access the broadband application as any other website. A citizen will be able to search the maps based on general or specific broadband query fields. For example, a public user can see which areas of the state currently have fiber optic coverage, or they can enter their home address and find out which service providers offer broadband in their area. These functionalities are accessible to the general public and do not require any user authentication.


Delaware Businesses

Image of Delaware BusinessesBusinesses can use the site for various purposes, some of them are:

  • Use as a path to gain access or better access to broadband services
  • Use to gain knowledge of the Delaware Statewide Broadband Data and Development project
  • Use the site to help build infrastructure plans mandated by this project's grant to improve broadband access and capabilities.
  • Use site and site data to perform thematic comparisons
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